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Dragon Islands Alpha

Ultimate MUD experience via Telegram chat bot! MMO role-playing game with vast territories to explore, rare items to collect, vivid characters to communicate and tough monsters to kill. Rich gameplay includes travelling, dungeon exploring and extensive trading.

Mafia Gangs

Congregate the most powerful Mafia Gang! Recruit gangsters, buy weapons to fight with other gangs. Complete missions for cash and EXP. Collect income every day and track your upkeep. Invest money in business to make profit and become number one Mafia Gang in Telegram!
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Epic Kingdom

Strategy chat bot game for Telegram. Build your Empire with homes, farms, mills, storeges and barracks. Recruit Knights, form Alliances to defend your Kingdow and fight in epic battles for resources and gold! Gameplay features open economy where players farm and trade resources on non-regulated market.
Bots available on: English, Italiano, Español, Deutsch, Русский, Português, 正體中文(台灣), العربية, فارسی, Bahasa Melay, Bahasa Indonesia.

«Mafia Gangs»
for Messenger

International mafia network on-line game. Congregate the most powerful Mafia Gang!

Recruit gangsters, buy weapons, attack gangs, complete missions, invest cash in business and collect profit every hour.

Expanding community around every bot!

In-game player’s manuals describes all the details of gaming process. Special messenger groups and channels are open for discussions and games news distribution. There is already a community of players taking part in product development.

Bot revolution is already happening!

Extensive gaming world with 250+ unique locations (villages, dungeons, lakes and rivers, temples, ruins, caves, deserts and jungles), 5 big cities, 500+ items, 10+ dungeons and 50+ kinds of monstrosities. That's really a huge world to discover... inside a single chat bot.
Each of 25+ NPCs («non-player characters») is in fact an independent chatbot with its scenario and kind of artificial intelligence.

«Dragon Islands»

The first HTML5 massively multiplayer game bot designed specially for messengers environment.

Release Notes
As seen on
Dragon Islands is a role-playing game you can play entirely in Telegram
«The gameplay is based on MUDs (multiuser dungeon), the earliest kind of online games popular in the ’80s that were entirely text-based»

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